Easy Ways to Learn HTML

Easy Ways to Learn HTML

 Easy Ways to Learn HTML - If you are looking for Free Learn HTML or Complete Tutorial Learn HTML Basics, this post may be useful in studying or deepening your knowledge of HTML and scripting language to complement my previous post SEO Guide for Beginners. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a programming language consists of symbols or tag-specific tag to create / display a document / page on the web browser. Symbols or HTML tags will be ordered web browser to display Web pages that consist of a variety of file formats such as text, graphics, animation, and audio visual link. While the Web Browser is a program that can translate the command code of the HTML document so that we can see, read and hear. Example of Web Browser is Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.. HTML has a file extension (extension) htm or html. Wherein the second extension is the same, so you can save the HTML document file with extension "*. Htm" or "*. Html".To learn the basics of HTML you actually only need three main tools Learning HTML reference guide, Notepad text editor and web browser (Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.). And the easiest way to learn HTML is to PRACTICE or DIRECT ATTEMPT. So if my friend just dazed and dizzy himself staring at a long array of HTML tags without ever trying to practice and see the results, it is guaranteed mate will never understand. Then how dong'll easily learn HTML? Well I will share few tricks or the way I did in learning HTML, try to write an HTML script and see the results on the web browser.QUICK AND EASY TO LEARN HTMLUsing Notepad Text Editor and Browser:

  •  Please remember my initial explanation that the HTML document has the extension or the extension htm or html.

  • For example, I wrote in a text editor Notepad HTML script for twitter widget on my blog as   written below.
  • Next I'll save this script file named code-widget-twitter.html. In Notepad, select Save as. File name section delete posts *. Txt there and write / type the name of the file-code-widget twitter.html, then section Save as type to All Files and then click the Save button.
  • Next try to open the code-widget-twitter.html earlier in the browser. So if the writing is correct HTML tag will look like the image below. 

Learning HTML Tutorial W3Schools online through the site:
  1. In this www.w3schools.com/html/ site you can learn a lot of HTML tag types ranging from basic HTML, Elements, Attributes, Headings, Paragraphs, Style and others.
  1. 2Then to test the script or writing HTML for a buddy, my friend can see the results directly through the editor page of this site is provided Tryit Editor v1.5.

    3. Type or write your HTML tag on the left page, then press the Edit button and then on the Click Me page right will appear the results. Easy is not it? If the result means that there are guns appear that any writing, just edit it again and try again wrote.
Then the bloggers reading materials in learning HTML, I give some ebook that I think is great for my friend who just started to know and learn HTML. There are 3 ebook that I share the basic HTML (41hlmn), Study Guide HTML (15hlmn) and Mastering HTML Code (84hlmn). Please download via the link below.

The Complete Guide to Learning HTML

Hopefully MudahBelajar brief description of the way HTML and HTML Ebook Complete Guide to Learning I provide can help bloggers who want to learn or deepen the HTML tag.

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