Glossary Mandatory Read The Blogger

Glossary Mandatory Read The Blogge

Glossary Blogger Indonesia - It was after seeing this dictionary, many terms in blogger / blogspot that we do not know me as well. Sometimes when we are visiting other blogs may find the abbreviation or the actual term is commonly spoken by many people but we ourselves do not know the meaning or definition of the term blogger. For example, the notion of "Nofollow", still many are asking this to me. Now with the dictionary terms in this blogger friend can read and read for yourself to add a little insight into the world of blogging and let guns be spelled "wong katrok" equal Mr.Tukul he he. Definition of terms frequently used in blogging is packaged in a PDF file (Ebook), made by Ma'am Medhy Aginta ( Please direct my friend downloaded via the link I provided.

Glossary BloggerHere are some quotes that I took from the Blogger Terms Dictionary:

Anchor Text: The text used in the back link. Most experts search engine optimization (SEO) agreed that the anchor text is one important factor that influenced the ranking of a website or blog in search results.

Backlink: a hyperlink that appears on blogs or other sites and linking to the main page or other pages within a blog or site. Backlinks is important because Google and other search engines use the number and quality of backlinks as a measure of the confidence level of a blog or site.

Blogroll: a blog that is very popular feature that allows blog owners display a list of other blogs are recommending. This feature is usually displayed in the sidebar. But this time the little blog that displays the blogroll.

Comment Spam: Comments are written solely to get backlinks and traffic flow is expected to provide visitors to the blogs that wrote the comment spam.

Meta tags: Meta tags are HTML codes that exist in the pages of a site. Unlike other HTML tags, meta tags do not appear on post pages, so that most visitors never see. Meta tags are different have different functions, but in general it is used to provide additional information about the condition of a site's pages to search engine robots.

Nofollow: Also called a nofollow tag, a tag is inserted in the code link which serves to instruct search engine robots so that they do not follow the relevant link, and therefore do not consider it a real link. Google and other search engines recommend that all paid links use nofollow tag.

PageRank: Google PageRank is also often called, is a metric system used by Google to assess the level of trust a site. Google PageRank has a value scale of 0 to 10, where 10 is the highest level of confidence that you can get. There is a complicated algorithm behind PageRank scale, but the most important factor influencing the amount and quality of backlinks a website or blog. PageRank value (which can be viewed using the Google Toolbar) are updated every every three months.

Glossary Hopefully this can give insight Blogger bloggers make loyal friends "Share With Irfan". Especially for newbie bloggers who are usually always want to know he he. Ya .. Keep Blogging!

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