Tablet Android 4.0 Special Children: Child Archos Pad

Tablet Android 4.0 Special Children: Child Archos Pad - Latest Technology News | Free Download Software | Latest Gadgets - Not only adults who can feel the sophistication of the technology and have a gadget. Now the kids did not want to lose the people that in fact larger than the 'big' is. Archos is a French company's largest electronics that some time ago announced it has launched a special computer tablet that is intended for children. Archos was established in France in 1988 by Henri Crohas and is an electronics company that manufactures several electronic products such as portable media players, portable data storage devices, portable video players, digital video recorders, netbooks, and the last is being discussed is busy or tablet computer Google Android-based tablet PCs and Microsoft Windows.

Tablet PC Android 4.0 Khusus Anak Archos Child Pad

Tablet PC Archos Android 4.0 Special Kids Child Pad

Tablets for children from Archos named the Archos Child Pad is a solution for parents whose children have problems deciding which option to menggandrungi technology, especially technology gadgets. Gadget 7-inch tablet with capacitive 1024x600 display is reportedly already using the latest Android OS version 4.0 and we often call with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. In accordance with its original destination, Archos Pad Child was deliberately designed specifically for users of the children. This is evident from the appearance of full-color design and the large full-color icon menu and a few applications that currently is being loved by the children as Angry Birds. Additionally primarily to the home screen folder, hopefully this tablet is not only used for gaming, but also to learn and play puzzles to further hone the child's brain.
Archos Child Pad with Android 4.0 is run by a 1GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. The existence of tweaks in the newest version of Android makes the Archos to add a custom skin for the Archos Child Pad. The news from several sources mentioned that the Archos also has supported a parental control and safe web browsing as the main feature so children can use this tablet is good and right.
Android Jelly Bean for kidsDoes not end there, not to be outdone by tablet or other OS app store has a personal, though it is aimed at children, Archos also has a Kids Child Pad App Store with 14 categories and 10,000 applications such as entertainment applications, games, comics, multimedia, etc..

Android Jelly Bean for kids

Special price of tablet computer Android 4.0 Archos Child children Pad around $ 129 and the Archos as a manufacturer has to ensure that the tablet Archos Child meets the standards and regulations Pad Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Archos Child Pad will go on sale in late March 2012.

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